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About me

Hello! My name is Heather Clark & I am a Happily Married Unwed mother of two beautiful young children. I am very passionate about the things I love & those passions drive me.......


Along with Capturing those moments that mean the most I also love gardening & am planning on using my garden in my sessions whenever I can.

Gemstones are another love of mine as well as Sunsets & the Mountains. 

I am lucky enough to live by the great Lake Wallenpaupack  as well as the Lackawaxen & Delaware Rivers. I also try to use the beauty around me in my images as much as possible.

I had a very unique life which had helped me to be strong & work hard for what I want.I lost many people & many things near dear to me at a young age.Going through so much made me realize how important it is to be able to look back into time & see the ones you've lost or the fun you had..It made me want to document everything in my life & the lives of others.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed & having great family portraits is a very important thing to me. When someone you love is gone & you have no great images of them it is a really awful feeling. I believe that having great images to pass down through the years is also very important. Wouldnt it be great to look at images of your great great great grandparents looking all fabulous? It would help secure your family image & uphold it.

Photography has become a passion that has taken hold of me in ways no other passion has. I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve my skills & new locations or new props to use. I strive to bring the best quality of images & the best experience to the wonderful people who choose to bring me into their life & the lives of their family to take pictures. I believe photography is a very personal thing & I like to build relationships with my clients.The children then get to know me and every year when we do our shoots they are even happier to see me & smile with me.

This is who I am & I would love to meet you & bring your family memories to pictures ;0)